Right and wrong

Posted Jun 27, 2005 in Events, Miscellaneous, Politics.

Getting it right
The Supreme Court has ruled against the display of the biblical Ten Commandments inside courtrooms.
Getting it wrong
The Supreme Court has ruled against companies that run file-sharing services in cases of copyright infringement by users.

Although the first ruling was a victory for advocates of the separation between Church and State, the justices said that certain monuments, like the six-foot granite monument outside the Texas Capitol, could remain. So really, they only got it half right.

The second ruling is a major blow for the many technology companies that run or sell file-sharing services. It is akin to prosecuting blank VHS manufacturers if their tapes are used to illegally distribute movies. This ruling is nothing short of insanity.


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    I just recently left Alabama, where we had a "10 Commandments" momument debacle just a few months ago.

    Posted by Graham on Jun 27, 2005.