A court unbalanced?

Posted Jul 01, 2005 in Politics.

United States Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring at the age of 75. Originally appointed by Ronald Reagan, O'Connor has drifted from a conservative to a centrist stance, voting for both conservative and liberal measures. With a nine-member court, she has often had the casting vote in crucial decisions, many of them related to matters concerning the separation of Church and State.

It seems likely that George W. Bush will nominate a replacement with a more conservative stance. Such a nomination would have an enormous impact on issues like abortion, medical research, and gay rights. With the balanced tipped in the conservative's favor, the future would look rosy for the religious right.

It looks likely that the days of Chief Justice William Rehnquist are numbered, which would mean that Bush could get the chance to nominate a replacement for that position.

I fear that there will be much political unrest in the days to come, and we are sure to see concentrated activism and media coverage during this period. I am extremely concerned for the future of civil liberties and rights. The nation is already highly polarized, and having an unbalanced Supreme Court is sure to make matters worse.


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    need another judge who doesnt write his/her own laws...

    Posted by david on Jul 04, 2005.