London 2012

Posted Jul 06, 2005 in England, Events, Sport.

London 2012 logo

I'm almost speechless. The International Olympic Committee has announced that London will be holding the Olympic Games in 2012, having beaten Paris 54-50 in the fourth round of voting. The result is a testament to Lord Sebastian Coe, who delivered a polished presentation that London could be proud of.

Interest in the result is so high that, as of this moment, the London 2012 website is down. It is possible that it has been taken offline for a post-announcement redress, or something like that.


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    Brilliant news. It's a great to credit to the London bid team. The BBC site slowed down really heavily around 12:46 as the annoucement came out.

    Posted by Performance testing Tom on Jul 06, 2005.

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    i am only 14 and i think it great i dont have to travel arounf the world to see it, it is here right in our own country and i am so excited and pleased. cant wait...

    Posted by zeeshan on Jul 13, 2005.