At the beach

Posted Sep 27, 2005 in Events, Family, Love, Personal, Weather.

It's much cheaper to have a week at the beach at the end of September. My wife and I are having a well-deserved break in a cottage on the ocean front in Avon, North Carolina. We come to this part of the world almost every year, although rarely during this part of hurricane season. The area saw hurricane Ophelia recently, but it didn't do too much damage. There's been a fair bit of coastal erosion, resulting in a steep drop-off on the beach. Large waves coming in with an off shore breeze break suddenly and steeply, making swimming a rather hazardous occupation.

We rented a cottage called “The Mermaid” from Midgett Realty. It's a 6-bedroom place with umpteen televisions (including a 42-inch plasma in the family area), a pool table and a heated swimming pool - a little extravagant for our needs, but we really wanted to have the pool this year. Unfortunately, the heating pump on the pool is broken making the pool all but unusable. This, together with other minor issues (uncomfortable chairs, plasma television almost 6 feet off the floor, beds not made, showers don't drain properly) make it unlikely that we would return to this particular place; however, Avon still has its usual charm.

It's wonderful to have a week alone with my wife. Free of the kids, the dog, work, and the mundane things of everyday life, I'm able to get some quality time with Deborah. We like the slow pace, and we occupy ourselves with reading, a jigsaw puzzle, season 1 of “Lost”, seafood, and the other things that married couples do when they get to be alone together. I can feel the usual tension and stress leaving my body and my mind. Each lungfull of breath feels cleaner, fresher, more life-giving. I needed this.


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