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Posted Oct 24, 2005 in Education, Personal, PHP.

One of my former instructors at Allentown Business School, now Lehigh Valley College, vanished the other day. The college contacted me and asked if I might be able to cover for him. Less than 24 hours later, I found myself standing before six eager students.

That was last Friday. I've spent the better part of the weekend trying to plan some sort of syllabus (apart from when I watched the NASCAR, of course) to teach them basic PHP. I've pretty much cracked it, but I still have to create individual lesson plans, an exam, a final project, and some homework assignments before my next lesson on Friday.

As luck would have it, all six students appear to be enthusiastic about what is to come. Just in those first unplanned hours, we managed to cover lots of ground. Our goal is to make sure everyone manages to produce some sort of database-driven, dynamic web site or application for their final project - something that will look good in (or as part of) a portfolio. Despite the “regime change” the students have experienced, I think their course is going to work out just fine.


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    That sounds pretty exciting Simon! Best of luck with it, should be fun!

    Posted by Mike P. on Oct 24, 2005.