Is Drew Rosenhaus a complete asshole?

Posted Nov 08, 2005 in Sport.

As a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, I detest Drew Rosenhaus. I hereby invite readers of my site to comment on the following:

Is Drew Rosenhaus a complete asshole?


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    I don't know of "complete" truly quantifies his asshole status.

    Posted by Mike Zornek on Nov 08, 2005.

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    Wow, the media these days.....They have destroyed a perfect NFL tandem for no reason. The fault is solely placed upon D. McNabb and the Eagles MGMT. No, Rosenhaus is neither an "asshole" or a catalyst for this dilemma. Here is a brief synapsis of T.O.: post S.F. years.

    He had planned to leave S.F. and try the free market but his agent screwed him and didn't follow up on the date. After avoiding the god-awful Ravens the Eagle immediately locked him into a contract that was supposed to be flexible or so his old agent told him. He played lights out football the following year and came back from a major injury for the Super Bowl. It's obvious that he went to McNabb and asked him to back him with his contract seeing that he has a mega one and even secured contracts for his Chunky momma (that used to be an actress). When Donny played the consumate company boy, T.O. was insulted since it was McNabb that costed them the Super Bowl. So the media turned on him since it looked like it was another attitude having Black star asking for money and used every opportunity to rub salt in the Eagle's eyes who never saw straight anyway and here we are. If they're not going to play him can they at least cut him now and let someone else have a chance. I'll bet they'll pay him, preferably the Broncos.

    Posted by mrsinnister on Nov 08, 2005.

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    Hmmm. I'm surprised to see a pro-Owens comment, and I salute you for being brave enough to post it. The fact is, a contract is a contract. Signing up with the shittiest agent in the business, and then refusing to abide by the terms of his contract, was a stupid thing to do. He then made it worse by publically dissing his team. Whether the media was biased against him or not, we could all see his "press conferences" for ourselves, and make our own determination.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Nov 09, 2005.

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    TO is the biggest baby in professional sports, no matter what the kool-aid drinking commenter said.

    You can’t get into a fistfight in the locker room with a member of the organization, then proceed to challenge everyone in the locker room to a fight, and expect to keep your job with the team.

    He is still crying because when he went down with an injury last year, the Eagles said, ‘don’t worry guys we can still win with out him.’ He took that as an insult instead of the rallying cry that it was.

    I guess he would have preferred, ‘Oh no, without TO were doomed, we might as well go home.’

    I’m sorry that his 7 year $49 million contract wasn’t flexible enough for him. But he signed it and was all smiles doing it.

    Now he can look to closing out his career with a series of one year contracts or team escape clauses, that will keep this asshole from ever making the money HE think he deserves.

    Posted by Stephen Collins on Nov 09, 2005.

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    "that will keep this asshole from ever making the money HE think he deserves."

    I'm totally with you on that.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Nov 09, 2005.

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    To blame TO's demise this season on the media is a frickin joke. Your opinions are factually baseless after you went into the "McNabb turning his back on him" garbage.

    1)Rosenhaus and TO were the ones who took their case to the media, not the other way around.

    2)McNabb has companies approach him to endorse their products and services because he is a classy guy and has earned the respect of America, which TO has not.

    3)The media paid attention to this story because TO is a raving egotistical jackass and his willingness to create total upheval for the Eagles, NOT because they have a vendetta to persecute black athletes. Explain Jordan (gambling and womanizing) and Tiger Woods (childish behavior and vulgar language on the course)then. Both of those guys have issues that could be totally exploited by the media, but they downplay it and those two are worshipped as gods by the media. Playing the race card in that instance is plain bs.

    4)It's obvious that TO asked McNabb to endorse him for a contract revision and he got mad because he wouldn't? How the hell can you know what went down when you see how quick TO is to critize anyone for anything? The guy has no credibility and a serious lack of character.

    Posted by Mr. Sinnister is an idiot on Nov 09, 2005.

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    Did the media tell TO to start a fistfight with Hugh Douglas too
    sinnester? I guess that was their fault as well.

    Posted by EAGLE'S RULE, DEATH TO T.O. on Nov 09, 2005.

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    T.O. doesn't respect himself, "the game", or his fellow players. He is an embarrassment to himself and to those associated with him. He fell victim to one of the oldest traps in professional sports,..he started to believe his own press and felt he was bigger than the game itself. He was mistaken.

    Posted by Gary Cole on Nov 09, 2005.

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    sorry i think drew is a doucebag so i guess we know what that makes T O

    Posted by joe stippick on Nov 09, 2005.

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    First of all everyone who doesnt think that T.O. is the best reciever in the NFL is stupid Second the Eagles are dumb for suspending him and they will not get anywhere without him because Mcnabb is crap and is nothing without T.O. he never was anything and he wont amount to anything all he is is a good for nothing non conditioned QB who chokes if he is put into a situation....Question..Superbowl who let down the team T.O. or Mcnabb? i believe that it was Mcnabb so congragulations Eagles you are the dumbest organization in Football

    Posted by T.O. on Nov 10, 2005.

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    Judging by your response, T.O., you must've attended the TO School of Delusion, Diction and Secretarial Studies.

    TO may be the best receiver in football, but his substantial assets are still outweighed by his even weightier liabilities. Donovan McNabb has no running game whatsoever to assist him, and when combined with TO's outsized ego-inducing implosions, must basically fend for himself.

    Last I checked, football was a TEAM sport. If TO wants to play all eleven positions, go for it, I say, as no sane coach, player or front office person can deal with the guy long-term.

    Posted by Anti TO on Nov 10, 2005.

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    Sadly, the Eagles are pretty crappy with or with Owens at the moment. The lack of a cohesive running game is exacerbated by a weakened offensive line. In the long run, the loss of Owens will force the Eagles to bring back the more rounded offensive that was successful a couple of years ago.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Nov 10, 2005.

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    What company, organization, employer ect.. allows an employee to berate another employee, get in a fist fight, call the organization out in the media and still have a job? At this point, how can the Eagles take him back or get any equivalent value for his services? The Eagles will have no choice but to cut TO, only to see him play for another team. Judging by his behaviour, I can only imagine that a push to sign with NYG or DAL is inevidable. TO will want to stick it to the Eagles, what better team than a division rival? Buyer Beware, TO will not be a rehabilitation like Randy Moss or Keyshawn Johnson was, TO will always be TO, history has proven this.

    Posted by Employee #8 on Nov 10, 2005.

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    I know I'm going out on a limb here, but it looks to me like the two posts in the pro-T.O. camp are from the same person. The horrific lack of composition skills are strikingly similar, as is the overpowering stench of stupidity that is prevalant when reading them both.

    You can't say TO is the best player in the game because you're only looking at one part of the formula in what makes a great football player. To say TO is the greatest means that he is not only physically gifted, but it would also mean he is fully integrated and on board with the idea of being on a TEAM to achieve the common goal of a championship, and we all know how TO feels about that by his actions.

    Not saying TO has to like who he plays with, but he could've kept the problems he is having with the Eagles behind closed doors. But instead, he throws them under the bus every chance he gets when a mic is in his face, and acts like a complete moron when the cameras are rolling (see August 05). Sorry, but that's not being a great player.

    Like Anti TO said, football is a team sport, and no matter how good someone is, you can't play all 11 positions yourself, and you certainly can't do that for both offense and defense. TO sees no value in working with others to do great things. You don't win hardware with that attitude.

    Physical stud who can produce when he wants to? ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT QUESTION.

    Greatest PLAYER in the game? NO CHANCE IN HELL.

    Posted by Mrs. McNabb on Nov 10, 2005.

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    When I posted an entry about this, I KNEW there was going to be disagreement and flaming. I decided it was a little while since the site had experienced a good bit of "fisty-cuffs", so I threw the Rosenhaus comment out to stir it up a bit. The whole T.O. thing has pissed me off, and so I was eager to hear what others had to say about it - on both sides of the argument.

    Incidentally, any comment spam (not flames, in this case) will be removed without explanation.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Nov 10, 2005.

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    I beg the eagles management to keep him from playing at all this year. The last place I want to see his face is in a Broncos uniform. Keyshawn lived through (and prospered behaviorally) from an extended vacation. T.O. and Drew deserve each other and now they'll have the opportunity to really enjoy each other's company. However, it was interesting to hear Drew say that Philly deserved T.O., what did you all do to annoy Drew?

    Posted by Chargers fan on Nov 10, 2005.

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    Drew Rosenhaus is scum. He is responsible for planting seeds of delusion in Owens mind. (Not that T.O. shouldn't be held accountable for his own ridiculous behavior, but Rosenhaus fueled that fire 80%). The Eagles organization warned Owens plenty of times what the consequences of his actions would be. Unfortunately, T.O. thinks that he's bigger than the game. IT IS DREW'S JOB TO LOOK OUT FOR HIS PLAYERS BEST INTEREST, EVEN KEEP HIM IN CHECK IF NEED BE. And NOT support every crazy antic.

    Blame the media??????? Are you kidding me Drew?!? You ARE a walking soap opera!! You are blood in the water for the media!! And YOU cause it. You are a joke!! All this city of brotherly love wants is a team that plays TOGETHER and plays hard. T.O. is a very talented player with a very disciplined WORK ethic. He may not PLAY well with others. His words and actions off the field are deplorable, but I do not think that they would have been AS bad had he had anyone besides Rosenhaus whispering in his ear!!!

    DREW, YOU ARE NOT JERRY MACGUIRE!! YOU SUCK!!! You are a homewrecking, money grubbing, hornets nest stirring, drama QUEEN!!!!! Get out of dodge! Let T.O. thank you for ruining his career, and let the fans thank you for sabotaging the Eagles season!! Best of luck to the Birds the rest of the way. Sad situation, didn't have to happen this way. Bad business move Rosenhaus.

    Posted by Kevin on Nov 10, 2005.

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    Worse than being a complete asshole, he is completely incompetent. He ruined T.O.'s attempt at a humble and sincere apology. He has his client going down in flames with his strategy - kiss a new multi-year mega contract goodbye and watch the Eagles recoup 1.7 million of the bonus money TO has already spent. The first question asked in the press conference - how could he justify his representation and his strategy now that he has his client out of a job - was classic. Drew, you are so weak you can't raise a doubt.

    Posted by Bill Walsh on Nov 10, 2005.

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    That was classic when Rosenhaus was asked what he's done for TO other than getting him kicked off the Eagles, and he says, "Next question!"

    I think he said that quite a few times in fact.

    Rosenhaus lost alot of clout on this one, might even end his career. HAHAHAHAHA

    Posted by James on Nov 10, 2005.

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    I was not impressed with Drew either, his selective answering of questions was annoying and certainly distracted from TO's pitiful apology.
    However, stepping back and looking at this reasonably regarding Drew's comment about TO just being a loudmouth but not a cheater or a criminal, an argument they have trotted out before, perhaps he's right (pains me to say) about the punishment not fitting the crime. You've got guys who have committed homicides, been caught red handed indulging in steriods, and god knows how many involvments in sexual deviations, still suiting up and smileing all the way to the bank.
    Everybody forgets the Eagles knew what they were getting when they so lovingly pursued him in the first place. They slept with a dog and now they got fleas, their acts do have a stench of hyprocracy.

    Posted by steve somodi on Nov 10, 2005.

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    No. He's not an AH. He is something worse. He's a man who is the laughingstock of his profession, who's other clients are probably looking for another AH right now.

    Posted by Greyrider on Nov 10, 2005.

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    They haven't invented a word to describe this guy (Drew) yet. He's nothin' but hype and empty promises. He got mysteriously quiet in the summer when the Packers & the Eagles told him to take a hike. Cheers to all the other NFL agents who are having a laugh at his expense!!!

    Posted by anti-drew on Nov 10, 2005.

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    Rosenhuse is a scumbag. He is the worst thing to happen to the NFL since the 2 point conversion. He is whiny arrogant [DELETED] piece of shit. [DELETED]. TO can go eat sh#t he will never be a grade a hall of famer due to drew. Hopefully future athletes will realize this and stay away from rosenhuse. I can not even begin to relate how much of a piecde of crap dh is. I hope he rots in hell and on his way ha s a slow painful death.

    Posted by phillyfan792000 on Nov 10, 2005.

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    To phillyfan792000,you are an ignoramous and your racism renders any cogent thought, which might trickle into your tiny brain,useless.It's a shame that the protections afforded by the first amendment can be used as a shield for your ignorance.Post your name pussy and own up to your ignorance-Your the A-Hole!!

    Posted by dave on Nov 11, 2005.

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    I grew up in Philadelphia, and am a long time Eagles fan. However, from the day they hired TO, I was not a fan of him. I knew it would only be a matter of time, and not "if", but "when" this classically narcissistic personality disorder would implode, overshadow his talent, and disrupt the team.

    Drew Rosenhaus is an embarrassment, and every bit the selfish jerk that Owens is. He should be banned from doing business with the NFL and should instead go sell late model defective used cars. He only served to damage the little credibility afforded to TO in his recent heart felt missive by opening his big obnoxious mouth. My question to him is, "Have you ever picked up you teeth with broken fingers?"

    Good Riddance TO, you're where you belong, outside of the Eagle's quality organization. You and your buddy Drew can take your pathetic circus act somewhere else.

    Posted by Peter R. Emerson on Nov 11, 2005.

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    Please refrain from racist comments and bigotry.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Nov 11, 2005.

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    One has to think what T.O.'s former agent has to say about all for anyone, and I mean anyone, who wants to blame the Eagles for this...I say to them..look at the new, long term contracts for Brian Westbrook and David Akers if you question the class and integrity of the Eagles organization. I personally don't think T.O. is all that bad, I do think that his agent is 100% responsible for this last year of soap opera we have all had to withstand. Drew needs to be held accountable for what amounts to destroying T.O.'s long term career. Whether T.O. plays for the Eagles or not no can deny that on the field he is electric to watch. I myself feel the Eagles will pull it out this season and will make it to the playoffs without Owens because I think McNabb is the type of QB who will pull his team together in the face of adversity.

    Posted by Bruce on Nov 11, 2005.

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    Simply put...Yes, Drew Rosenhaus is an asshole. It appears to me that he severely misled T. O. to believe that he could passively persuade Eagles management to restructure his contract. I believe that T. O. attempted to cause as much behind the scenes turmoil as possible and I wouldn't be surprised if much of it was orchestrated behind the scenes.
    Just a thought, If Donovan Mcnabb would have come back from injury, as T. O. did; to play in the Super Bowl, the media would still be hailing him as some kind of hero. If he (Mccnabb) used this situation to justify a restructured contract; the media would have justified his cause. I can just hear commentators, "Donovan risked his entire future for the organization; he deserves a new contract."

    In this day and age of salary cap casualties, I can't blame an athlete for attempting to sweeten his contract if he believes that he is being undervalued. Everyone seems to have a real problem with a player attempting to restructure in mid-contract, but those same people don't appear to have a problem with an organization that waives a player during their contract. It's a two-way street.

    Posted by shawn heaney on Nov 11, 2005.

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    As a KC Chiefs fan, I truly would love to see T. O. hauling in passes from Trent Green. Can you imagine the open field that Gonzalez would see? Hey Dick, if Philly waives T. O., sign him for the remainder of the year...give him a shot. If he truly has learned his lesson, give him a chance to earn the long term contract that he is after.

    Posted by shawn heaney on Nov 11, 2005.

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    T.O. is the most talented receiver in the NFL, too bad he's an asshole, too. Unfortunately the Eagles won't win much without him, won't make the playoffs.
    McNabb is one of the most overated QB's in the NFL. He struggles with passing TOO much to ever be 'great'. The Eagles need an offensive star if they ever want to make it to the playoffs in the next few years. A running back or receiving star will put them over the top. McNabb ain't it.

    Posted by CharlieHourse on Nov 11, 2005.

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    Posted by EaglesFan111 on Nov 11, 2005.

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    Next Question....

    Posted by pvpop54 on Nov 12, 2005.

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    An interesting article at on the real Terrell/Rosenhaus gambit. From a legal point of view, this stuff goes on all the time in personal performance just never hear about it. All in all, while bizarre, it is fairly standard stuff to act 'bizarrely' in order to get out of a contract. And, generally, it works. FYI.

    - Qi

    Posted by Qi on Nov 12, 2005.

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    ...being that I'm just a Union Carpenter in Indianapolis and that really no-one cares what I think anyway, I'll keep it short & sweet....YES, Drew Rosenhaus is a complete ass.

    Posted by indyracefan on Nov 13, 2005.

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    Rosenhaus broke the unspoken agent mantra: "control your player". That's how this whole thing came unhinged.

    Posted by Greyrider on Nov 13, 2005.

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    My greatest fear is that because so many people are railing on Rosenhaus, TO will walk away without realizing how much of a jerk he's been. In other words, now TO has a NEW scapegoat to blame his problems on.

    But reading these posts is amusing because you see clearly that fans fall into two categories: a) those who don't care how somebody acts or what they do, as long as they produce (a/k/a the fans of TO, Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, etc); and b) those who think principles matter, even in sports.

    I'm in the second tier, which is why I applaud the Eagles. They have to KNOW they will not do as well without TO, but they don't care. It's them saying, "We have to have some standard of conduct, and getting touchdowns doesn't get you a free pass." I respect this organization more now than I ever have.

    And as for TO's contract, nobody forced him to sign a long-term deal. He WANTED it. I'm sick of players who have a bonanza year, then they cry until they get a ridiculous long-term deal. Then, once the money is in the bank, their numbers NEVER get where they were. Do they give money back? I would guess never.

    Posted by TO-tem pole on Nov 13, 2005.

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    I am outraged by the way the Media and the Philadelphia Eagles have handled this whole T.O. mess. It is no mystery that Terrell Owens has acted like a spoiled brat, Is that reason enough to set such a high suspension? Terrell agreed with a comment made by a member of the press (Michael Irving) about his co-worker (Donavan McNabb)whether right or wrong, it was his opinion. Terrell complained about the Eagles not celebrating his one hundredth touchdown catch, again, something he should be crucified for? The best thing is how the Media continues to mention how Terrell got into a fight with a team member (Hugh Douglass), I'm sure that football players fight all the time and if no one is hurt no mention is made,(see Olin Kruetz) but not in this case.
    The Eagles made him apologize; he did it too late for their liking. I agree he should have done it earlier, to perhaps avoid this mess. The Eagles are showing that they have the upper hand in this employer/employee relationship, but does that make them right? The Media has gone as far as to encourage other NFL teams to blackball Terrell from their organizations. Why, not because of his performance on the field, but because he is asking for more money and they don't agree with the way his management has handled it. If a new contract or more money was not the core problem do you think this would have gone this far....
    Who has not complained about a co-worker, believed that their employer should recognize them for a milestone achievement or thought that they should be paid more for the type of performance they are putting forth. This is obviously a case of the haves' telling the have-nots' "play nice and keep your opinions to yourself or your out". The Media should be reporting how the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles are hitting Terrell in the one thing he was asking for, his money. Let us all hope we don't say anything that might get our employer mad, cause it wouldn't be that funny a story if we lost that much of our salary......

    Posted by GEORGE AGUILERA on Nov 14, 2005.

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    The Eagles got what they deserved with TO. There was a reason San Fran let him go.... Talent is obviously only part of what makes somebody great. What about character, no other employer in America would accept or reward the kinds of things Terrell Owens does. It makes me sick that these players think they deserve the kind of money they get. IT seems that life after football is either broadcasting or laying tile. I think TO should be banned and then see how much he is really worth looking for a job that requires more than a fast 40 yard dash and a 300 pound bench press. That would surely quiet his ego because he isn’t exactly saving lives is he?

    Posted by cowboysfan on Nov 14, 2005.

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    T.O. might be an asshole but he is a damn good player. I personally think Eagles are bigger assholes to do that to him. he probably deserves a 2 game suspension. Media is at fault in this issue, they put words in his mouth. What would you answer if you were asked the same question? Is Donovan better than Brett Favre, heck no!!! If you think otherwise, get up from your sleep and see the reality.

    T.O. rocks on the football field. As a fan I don't care what happens in the locker room, I want eagles to win at any cost. I don't care about brotherly love between players if they lose games. I'd rather have an asshole like T.O. in my team and win than lose without him. Afterall everyone needs an asshole, like it or not.

    Posted by Buckeye on Nov 14, 2005.

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    Owens deserved a better contract. In his first year with the Eagles, McNabb doubled his TD production from the previous year.

    The Eagles have no class for not honoring T.O.'s 100th career touchdown reception. It was only the 6th time in NFL history for a receiver to reach that landmark. The real problem with the Eagles is McNabb. He BLEW IT in the Superbowl last year. He's nothing but an average quarterback without Owens, as we found out last night.

    Posted by plastic peeps on Nov 15, 2005.

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    Terrell had a contract: 5 years, 48.97 million dollars deal. Now tell me is that not a heck of a lot of money? Terrell also after the season last year had the fans and Philadelphia in the palm of his hands. Answer this question: Does T.O. or his stupid agent know what endorsements are? If you are so greedy and you need more money go make it (endorsements). T.O. is 32 years old supposedly a grown man, he needed to handle his business like a grown man. You have a grievance with your job you make a complaint to the grievance board not the public.

    Andy Reid has made many mistakes regarding player management, which is a large factor in the performance of the Eagles this year. 10 Million under the salary cap, key players contracts not extended, McNabb playing this long hurt. The T.O. situation was not handled correctly: the level or severity of the punishment may have been premature for example: verbal, written, suspension, monetarily and termination.
    When you have a good core of players, players that have taken you to the super bowl you keep them and build around them. The whole age thing is so stupid especially if the player is healthy. You cannot expect a rookie to come in and play as good as a veteran player, it ain't going to happen ANDY.

    The play calling stinks especially under pressure and at key moments. I am sick of hearing the same thing at the press conferences over and over from you Andy. Get pissed and clean this mess up. If this season is any indication on how next season will be. Andy start packing.


    Posted by Jeff King on Nov 23, 2005.

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    Drew Rosenhaus should be made to have Thanksgiving dinner with T.O. During the prayer, Drew can say all he is thankful for and then T.O. can say all he's thankful for. (I'm having a hard time containing my laughter as I write this). Joke's on you T.O.

    Posted by Don on Nov 24, 2005.

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    Plus he (Drew) said this..."I always ask my clients, "What's the most expensive piece of real estate in the world?" They'll say some building in Manhattan, Japan, or (sic) house in Beverly Hills, etc. And they are wrong. The most expensive patch of real estate in the world is that four-inch patch of real estate between a woman's legs. (from the chapter 'Booby Traps', pg. 188)."

    Yep, azzhole for sure.

    Posted by seabreeze1957 on Nov 24, 2005.

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    My question is since TO will have to pay Roisenhaus a 2 or 3% Agent's Commission when he signs another Contract next year, will Rosenhaus now volunteer to pay TO a 2 or 3% commission on the large amount of money TO is losing either thru the suspension or the rest of his Eagles Contract by following Rosenhaus's directions on demanding a new Contract and all of the Team distractions that ensued.

    Posted by Kerry (Havertown, PA) on Nov 24, 2005.

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    Let's clear a few things up. Anyone who thinks McNabb is overrated is crazy. 4th and 26 ring a bell? Anyone who wants to throw McNabb under the bus should recognize this man as the talented athlete he is, and the class he brings to this organization.

    T.O. is talented, but he acts like an infant, and Drew is the A.H. who got him booted. NFL, not for long, and at 32 he won't be around for long. And let's not forget that if T.O. wants to line up againsts as, I'm sure Michael Lewis won't mind breaking his collarbone again - or worse.

    T.O. needs a circle of new friends. Michael Irvin does not have his best interests at heart. Remember Philly fans cheering his motionless body on the turf at the Vet? T.O., call David. Beg his forgiveness and get back on track. Read your book, and don't let Drew spit in your mouth anymore.

    Posted by pete on Nov 24, 2005.