Little ado about anything

Posted Dec 01, 2005 in Miscellaneous.

It has been a disgraceful 10 days since I posted anything. I don't have anything particular to talk about, so I thought I'd just mumble on a little bit about what has been going on since then.

Thanksgiving was the usual orgy of house cleaning and turkey. We had expected to be entertaining guests, so we ordered a 10-pound turkey breast from the local farmers' market. As it turned out, there were just five of us for the meal, so we had a bit of a bird abundance. I had prepared for the meal by recording an episode of Martha (Martha Stewart's lifestyle show) that explained the best way to carve a turkey. Consequently, we had perfect slices of turkey, instead of crude chunks that looked as if they'd been carved with my fingers.

Since Thanksgiving, I've been busying myself with redesigning and building a website for GuardHome, a security firm in the United Kingdom. The new version is more streamlined than the original, and it can cope with design and structure changes more easily. The overall package is far more UK-centric than the original, which was a little bit generic.

I've also been doing a fair bit of Christmas shopping. This is a first for me - it normally happens in a mad panic on Christmas Eve. Even the house Christmas decorations are mostly done, which has become much easier following the extensive construction that has taken place over the last couple of years.

While I'm thinking about Christmas presents, I just have to say this: Thank goodness for online shopping! With family spread over thousands of miles, the ability to order (and even in some cases, gift wrap) presents, and have them sent to various locations around the world, is nothing short of wonderful. and have really helped in this regard.

Finally, I've been preparing for class this week. I'm going to be teaching my students some of the various date and time functions that PHP has. Teaching the language has been as much a benefit to me as it has been for the students, because it has forced me to create and test script examples for things I don't do very often. One area that I found particularly frustrating was in the handling of sessions, but now it seems ridiculously easy.

Next week, I'm going to attend the first event to be held by the gang at An Event Apart. It's incredibly lucky for me that they chose Philadelphia as a venue, because it is difficult for me to travel to the various conferences and events held in other parts of the country.


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