A List Apart parted

Posted Dec 05, 2005 in Events.

Jason Santa Maria gave attendees an insight into the visual design of A List Apart version 4.0. He started with an explanation of how they arrived at the “seal” logo, which became part of a wider branding that included An Event Apart and the forthcoming A Book Apart.

Eric then described how he took Jason's design and made it work with CSS - a process that was more difficult than I imagined.

Each segment of the day is proving very beneficial. I have already formed ideas about future work where I can incorporate some of the new concepts I have learned today.

We are all having lunch now. I discovered that it is impossible to serve potato chips with a pair of tongs.


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    I greatly enjoyed the day. It was educational and a hell of a lot better than going to work.

    Posted by Jeff Louella on Dec 05, 2005.

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    I enjoyed meeting you at the happy hour and patching through to your blog via a comment on the phillystandards site via a comment about their live blog on the css-discuss mailing list. What is the correct utensil for picking up potato chips? Perhaps there is a gap in the market? Forget php and css -- this maybe where the money is.

    Posted by Fred D Yocum on Dec 06, 2005.