Internet Explorer 7 and Copy

Posted Dec 05, 2005 in Events.

I'm still at “An Event Apart: Philadelphia.” Eric Meyer reasured us that despite the fact that many of the CSS hacks we use to make Internet Explorer 6 work the way we want are not going to work with Internet Explorer 7, he believes that most of the hacks will no longer be necessary. Cool beans.

Jeffrey Zeldman used examples to show why clear, concise, and appropriate copy can help improve the performance of a web site.

Both Eric and Jeffrey are funny guys, with a deep understanding of the web world they inhabit. Eric's intuitive understanding of CSS is actually a little scary. Are all web designer/developers supposed to be that savvy? Jeffrey uses humor and analogy to get his ideas across - he'd make a great marketing man, because he does a fabulous job of selling his ideas. His thoughts on the user interface of language were very thought-provoking.

I feel like going home and redesigning/rewriting everything I've ever done.


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    I'm very envious - I would have loved to have gone along to this event.

    There's a couple of important things I'm interested in regarding IE7.

    By using a 'doctype' you can force the browser to render in 'standards' rather than 'quirks' mode. But this seems to give developers a problem as the IE6 and IE7 'standards' modes are going to be different if Microsoft have, indeed, fixed the bugs.

    One last question then I'll leave you alone. My least favourite 'feature' of IE is that, irrespective of z-order, lists always appear above everything else on the page (go to in IE and float over 'see all 32 product categories' to see an amusing solution to this problem). I wonder if this has been resolved?


    PS: I know that latter can be worked around using an IFRAME, but man, that is ugly.

    Posted by Paul Nixon on Dec 06, 2005.

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    Regarding DOCTYPE: I don't think it will be a problem, because most of the various hacks that people use (like using the ">" child selector, for example) will be fixed in IE7 too, so it SHOULD behave a bit more like Firefox and Safari.

    Regarding lists: They do? I'm not sure you are right about that. In a previous design of this blog, I had a fixed header. When you scrolled the page, the "si-blog" logo went OVER the header, but the rest of the sidebar (including lists) went UNDER it, because it had a lower z-index than either the header or the "si-blog" logo.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Dec 06, 2005.

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    sorry simon, i didn't make myself very clear.

    i am referring to dropdown lists and list boxes - selects in html speak

    Posted by Paul Nixon on Dec 06, 2005.