Happy New Year

Posted Jan 01, 2006 in Events, Miscellaneous, Personal.

Happy New Year to everyone who reads the si-blog. 2006 looks set to be an interesting year for me, and the world around me. I've compiled a short list of resolutions:

  • Lose weight - this makes the short list every year. I'd like to try and lose 100 pounds before the end of 2006.
  • Explore career options - I have been doing a bit of teaching recently, and I like it. I'll need to substantially improve my academic qualifications if I want to convert it into a career.
  • Learn JavaScript - I did a 56-hour course of the client-side scripting language, and I learned almost nothing useful. JavaScript has had a resurgence of late, and I'm missing the boat.
  • Learn OOP - I'm sure object programming has great value, but I find it confusing and not particularly useful. My wife has promised to show me why I should be using objects more often, and since I'll be teaching objects in my PHP class, I'll need to get a move on.

What are yours?


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    Hi Si,

    Here are mine:

    Endeavour to stay in touch with my family much more frequently
    Stick to a low carb diet during the week
    Practise yoga every morning
    Be more organised with food shopping so I don’t throw so much out of date food away
    Start to recycle my rubbish (I know, I know - bad bad person)

    Loads of love,

    P.S. Have got the hang of it now Si!!

    Posted by Sam on Jan 05, 2006.

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    My goodness, I was so impressed with Sam's resolutions...

    Mine are:
    To lose weight (predictable but boring I know)
    Try not to lay guilt trips on my kids (don't even know I'm doing it half the time but they let me know)
    Try not to put pressure on my daughter for grandchildren!! (sorry Sam)
    Get more exercise (house needs decorating)
    Give up smoking...eventually.
    Keep leaning new skills (get to grips with webcam first on list)
    Visit my mother more often.
    Try harder to throw stuff away (natural horder)

    Crikey :( I've never done this before, it's scary???

    Wish me luck

    Love, Mum x

    Posted by Mum on Jan 07, 2006.

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    I guess I have to write some too. Mine are;

    Surprise, surprise .... to lose weight.
    To try and eat at least one piece of fruit a day (a promise I made to little Ma Fan).

    I think that is all I can manage. Good luck family!

    Posted by Tim on Jan 12, 2006.