Posted Jan 30, 2006 in Making Ends Meet, si-blog, Technology.

I've been running AdSense for about 18 months now. During that time, it has made me a little bit of money; however, I don't think it has made me enough money to continue using it on the si-blog. I've decided to disable it for the time being, although it may return at a later date.


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    What do you consider enough money?

    For me, as long as it's cover my hosting charges, I'll keep it. Currently, across 2 sites, i'm getting 2-3x my hosting fees.

    Posted by Stephen Collins on Jan 30, 2006.

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    I've been making about $10 per month, which is a bit pathetic. I attribute this to two possible causes:

    1. General reduction in traffic over the last year, due to posting inconsistency most probably.
    2. The content of each page of the si-blog is probably a bit blog-centric, which means the ads I'm getting with AdSense are more a reflection of the site itself than of the content in each entry.

    I pulled AdSense because it was something of a design compromise, and I felt it was getting in the way a little bit. The si-blog is in dire need of a redesign/redevelopment, to be honest. I'll probably look at doing something significant in the Spring.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jan 30, 2006.

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    Hey Simon, 10$/month is pittens compared to what you SHOULD be making (just my opinion though). I have also heard AdSense horror stories, much like PayPal, where if some random bugger out there decides to commit clickfraud and happens to use your site in the proccess (even something as simple as repeatedly clicking on an ad), that some accounts have been frozen and closed without any notice. I don't know if this is a common practice anymore, you seem to hear more about Google giving refunds/taking credits than closing accounts, but I'd really like to see you making more. I am in the proccess of building my own site on Dreamhost and while I can support it out of pocket easily enough, a small bit of extra income would really help move things along and open up the possiblity of upgrades so please fill us in if you find a better method out there. Thanks again for your help on the DH wiki and all over the site in general and let me know if I can assist you in any way when you decide to revamp (I have a few years of php coding experience as well as a decent handle on css/xhtml and photoshop/graphics... although I am a bit of a pixel whore x.x).

    Posted by Tony Rayo on Jan 30, 2006.

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    Thanks for your thoughts, Tony. I'll probably bring back AdSense as part of a wider redesign and development of the site. I'm making considerably more money from Amazon Associates revenue (and a fair bit with DreamHost referrals, as a matter of fact), so there is no shortage of cash for hosting. It's just that I haven't had the time or inclination to properly implement AdSense in a way that will maximize revenue potential.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jan 30, 2006.

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    I am using AdWord and I am very happy about it. Not sure if I should try AdSense.

    Posted by Austria on Jan 30, 2006.