Getting older and going forward

Posted Mar 05, 2006 in Personal.

I turn 35 tomorrow. Thirty-five! It probably doesn't sound like a big deal to folks the other side of 50, but it sure feels like a big deal.

Recently, I have become a little more introspective than I used to be. In terms of my personal life, I have reached something of a crossroads. It is time I made some hard choices about what I am going to do with myself over the next decade, and these choices will probably have a profound impact on what happens to me and the people around me.

My professional life has reached a similar decision point. Over the last 19 years, I have worked in retail as a glorified shelf-stacker, in television as a videotape editor, and in new media as a web designer/developer. Most recently, however, I have been working as a part time college instructor - a vocation which I have found personally rewarding. I must decide whether or not to suspend my professional life in order to spend 3 or 4 years persuing a bachelor's degree - a requirement if I wish to continue teaching. The alternative is to throw my energies into web design, which has been less than stellar from a fiscal perspective.

I know I have been procrastinating about these things. The possibility of failure in either aspect of my life has caused me to put off making the big decisions, which may ultimately make failure more likely. I also feel that success in one will promote success in the other, but unfortunately I believe the reverse to also be true.


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    Happy belated Birthday! Man, you're getting Just kidding. Hope you had a good one!

    Posted by Vince on Mar 07, 2006.

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    Simon, someone who fails trying is more to be admired than someone who fails to try at all... You have always known that I feel nothing is lost in learning anything new and judging by your record, you always give much more than 100% so how can you fail? Follow your heart Simon and you will be sure to find success. I have the upmost faith in you and your abilities. Love, Mum x

    Posted by Mum on Mar 20, 2006.