Oh, that's okay then

Posted Mar 15, 2006 in Events, Media, War.

CNN reports that more civilians have been killed by United States-led forces. The Iraqi police say that 11 civilians, including 5 children, were killed in the strike. The U.S. military said that the number was only four, including two women, one child, and a suspected insurgent.

Only four innocents dead? Oh, well then that's okay. What a relief.

Strangely, a reporter from the Associated Press says that the air strike flattened a house, destroyed three cars, and killed 11 people. Pictures show two dead men, five dead children, and four other unidentified covered bodies. That must mean that both the Iraqi police and the AP reporter were lying, since there's no way the U.S. military would bullshit us, would they?

This sort of thing really pisses me off. Was all this carnage, death, and destruction totally necessary? Just to catch or kill one suspected insurgent?

Normally, I couldn't give a crap who got killed in some Middle East shithole. All these religious factions arguing and killing each other over miniscule differences in ideology doesn't make me warm to anyone over there. But instances of innocent people being killed in “collateral damage” occur too often. The lives of these people, regardless of their race, culture, and beliefs, are just as valuable and precious as anyone else's.


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    I'm for the war (most people my age are the most hardcore anti-Bush and war protestors) but I agree. One SUSPECTED insurgent isn't worth a single civilian life. It's sad to see that we are trying to turn around an "oops" and some how put it as if it was a good call. When it comes to the U.S. Military and the AP it always seems that is going from far left to far right. Each one is always saying the opposite. It's impossible to get the whole truth from both but thats how society and our government works.

    Remember, Area 51 doesn't exist ;).

    Posted by James Henry on Mar 15, 2006.

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    "I'm for the war"

    Except that there isn't really a war, is there? No nation declared war on the U.S., and the U.S. didn't officially declare war on any nation. It's a bullshit war. It's an illegal war. It's a war based on half-truths, the protection of U.S. "interests", and what appears to be blatant racism (as evidenced by the ridiculous blocking of the DP World port deal).

    Don't get me wrong. I hate these fucking pigs that saw the heads off innocent journalists/aid workers/contractors - their twisted ideology is evil. It's just that our approach to dealing with it is wrong, wrong, WRONG.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Mar 16, 2006.

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    Well, if you put it that way there was never much of a war, just a large scale combat zone that involved the U.S. Military and it's offenders to "Democracy". Iraq is more or less a baby sitting job until it can stand on it's feet again.

    Posted by James Henry on Mar 16, 2006.

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    All war is illegal Simon. I mean, does signing a piece of paper saying "We are going to blow up your country, do you understand?" make it ok or just? No. And, from what I've read, an ultimatum was given to Saddam Hussein before the invasion, and declaration of intent soon after.

    I don't like the deaths of innocent people any more than anyone else, however, about the numbers, I think that it's just the confusion of warfare. I don't think either side is lying about the numbers, I just think that it's the chaos of what is going on at the time of the report that gives us conflicts in numbers.

    As far as the racism issue goes, wasn't the port blocking issue brought up by the democrats or did I get lost somewhere? I thought they brought the whole thing up because they did not feel it was in the best interest of the U.S. to allow a foreign nation on our soil with such control. Maybe I missed something.

    Posted by Stephan Segraves on Mar 19, 2006.

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    I’m with you Simon, making moves to prevent undesirables from entering any country makes good sense and is a whole different ball game from attacking another country on the pretext of ‘they might attack us’. The supposedly ‘God fearing’ Bush and his cronies attacked Iraq, not the other way around and there is never a good excuse for killing innocent people. I would imagine that most of the decent people in the U.S. feel very unhappy about the unwarranted slaughter going on in the name of so called peace…

    Posted by Mum on Mar 20, 2006.