PHP - the language for me!

Posted Mar 17, 2006 in PHP.

When I'm wearing my web designer hat, I absolutely love PHP. It enables me to create quite sophisticated websites (usually with the help of a database) in a relatively short space of time. It has a nice, shallow learning curve that allowed me to start off simply and then gradually increase complexity as I desired. I learned ASP before PHP, and then made the transition in just a couple of weeks.

Of course, if I switch to my web developer hat, I start to see that this simplicity is a double-edged sword. There is a tendency for me to mix my server-side code with my markup, creating a rather messy-looking result. Another bad habit is that I keep writing the same thing over and over again, rather than creating a library of handy functions (or classes) that I can keep dipping in to.

I'm not a real programmer, so I don't worry too much about these things. Therefore, I am free to enjoy the simplicity of creating with PHP. It means I can churn out quite sophisticated sites in no time at all. I enjoy teaching it too, because I can get students to do some pretty cool stuff with just a few classes.

In short, PHP is the language for me, because it is to server-side scripting what HTML is to markup.


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    Must be a magical hat that gives you level 10 progamming skills and increased intelligence by 2.

    Wow. Im a geek sometimes.

    Posted by James Henry on Mar 17, 2006.

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    I'm a lousy programmer, James. I learned how to write programs when line numbers were all the rage. All this hopping around willy nilly (like wot you do wiv dem object fingies) confuses me. I prefer this:

    Do stuff
    Do more stuff
    Do some other stuff

    To this:
    function stuff() {
    fancy shit;
    function other_stuff() {
    complete voodoo;
    if(!confused) {
    } else {

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Mar 17, 2006.

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    This book Code Complete ( by Steve McConnell is to programming what Zelman, Meyer et al are to web design. I had been coding for 5 years before I read this book (well the first edition anyway) and it completely changed my outlook. Any people we hire are first obliged to read this book before doing anything else.

    For me, programming is much more rewarding than "straight" web design as it a more scientific and intellectual discipline. Due to my inexperience and lack of talent, web design for me is hours spent in photoshop randomly hacking away until something looks half decent then 20 minutes knocking up the xhtml and css.

    Just my tuppence worth



    Posted by Paul Nixon on Mar 21, 2006.