Redesign update

Posted Apr 30, 2006 in CSS, PHP, si-blog, Web Design, XHTML.

As far as the si-blog is concerned, the visual design is pretty much locked. Minor tweaks to entry-specific styling for images and floats will probably take place over the next few days. There are still a few structural changes going on, with one or two necessary page re-builds, and non-blog pages (the rest of still need their complete facial.

Another thing that provided the motivation for this redesign was the recent CSS Naked Day. A few structural problems cropped up, particularly with forms, that needed to be addressed. Since modifying some of my markup was on the cards, expanding that to a visual redesign (and taking advantage of the structural changes) seemed appropriate. It also gave me the chance to switch over from using child selector hacks to Microsoft's conditional comments, which helps me get ready for the deployment of Internet Explorer 7. Versions of Internet Explorer earlier than 6.x are now accounting for less than 8% of my requests, and so dedicated hackery for these browsers has been dropped. Changes in the way I use CSS should be good news for non-traditional browsers, although it all looks horrendous on MSN TV (which erroneously renders the screen media type). The latest version of Opera doesn't like some of my CSS, but since I get very few Opera users I don't feel the need to do any dedicated hackery for that browser either.

Anyway, I would welcome some comments about the redesign. I'm particularly interested in perceived failings of functionality or usability, but any feedback will be very useful.


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    The site flows a lot nicer now. Great job!

    Posted by James Henry on May 01, 2006.

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    Thank you, James. I'm still working on some of the older stuff, but the si-blog is pretty much done with - unless anyone reports a problem of some kind.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 02, 2006.

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    Hi Simon,
    As you know, I have very little knowledge of websites or how they work so it’s difficult for me to make a comment on the changes you have made. As far as I can make out, it all looks pretty slick to me and it all works which is what matters for someone of my technical limitations.

    Posted by Mum on May 08, 2006.

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    Thank you, Mum. The most important thing is that my users can find their way around the site without any problems, and there aren't any technical issues (like broken links or missing images). After that, I hope that people prefer this visual design to the last one (although it isn't hugely different).

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 09, 2006.