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Posted May 09, 2006 in Gadgets, Miscellaneous, Personal, Politics.

I love my cell phone. I always have it with me, so my family and friends know I can be contacted 24/7. I have all my important phone numbers programmed in, so it acts like a little personal databank, and I have set the ring tone to be super-loud in case I'm in a noisy place. It is just a small Nokia, and it fits nicely in my pocket because it doesn't have any annoying bits sticking out. I imagine that there are millions of people like me, who cannot manage without a cell phone.

But cell phones do not mix well with cars. Here in Pennsylvania, I have noticed an alarming increase in the number of people driving with phones clamped to their ears. In neighboring New Jersey, the practice is illegal. I cannot understand why it isn't illegal across the entire nation. I have lost count of the number of times I've nearly been in an accident because some dozy bitch has made a very wide turn at a light, simply because she only had one hand to turn the steering wheel with.

Driving while using a cellular phone is incredibly reckless, and should carry heavy penalties. Even hands-free phones are dangerous, because drivers simply cannot concentrate on driving at the same time as having a phone conversation. Even worse is the tendency for younger drivers to send text messages while driving. You can always tell these people, because they are weaving all over the road and driving at an erratic speed. From what I have seen, women are by far the worst offenders.

I have used my cell phone in the car, but I have limited my usage to briefly receiving calls on the highway. I rarely make calls myself (“I'll be there in a minute”), and I only answer calls if I believe it is safe to do so, usually to say “I can't talk now, because I'm driving.”


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    Sad to say you are correct, my dear: - Cell phone talking while driving on the rise


    Posted by JuniorFan on May 09, 2006.

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    Agreed here also.

    I have been in several near accidents because of drivers on the cell phone.

    Posted by James Henry on May 09, 2006.