Breaking the Microsoft stranglehold

Posted May 26, 2006 in Miscellaneous, Browsers, Technology.


Google and Dell have reached an agreement to install Google software on Dell's personal computers before they are shipped to consumers. Presumably, this will mean a version of the Google Pack, which bundles various bits of Google software. Hopefully, this will mean a Google-branded Firefox as the default browser on Dell machines, and Internet Explorer defaulting to Google's search, rather than Microsoft's.

If the Google/Dell deal includes Firefox, this could be a very significant step toward breaking Microsoft dominance in the browser market, and it will certainly be good news for Google's search market share. While the new Internet Explorer (7.0) is expected to be a big improvement over version 6.x, it will still be behind Firefox in terms of standards support, speed, and features.


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    Very interesting. Even though I use Opera 24/7, I can easily say that Firefox is the best browser that I have ever used. It would be simply fantastic if Dell's came pre-amped with the Firefox browser.

    I was just reading Maxium PC and DELL purchased out the almighty gaming computers (keke ^_^) Alienware. You may simply refer to them as Dellienware for now on.

    DELL as of lately seem's to be more active with business deals.

    Posted by James Henry on May 27, 2006.

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    Yes I agree with you, the deal will definitely reduce the monopoly of micro$soft. I guess the google friendly Firefox or Opera version will be shipped with this dell PC's.

    Posted by Maria loves pictures on May 30, 2006.