Cut off

Posted Jun 04, 2006 in Events, Technology, Weather.

Thirty-two hours of terrible, clawing hunger - of complete sensory deprivation.

Okay. That is probably a bit dramatic, but it certainly felt like that. In the early afternoon of Friday, June 2, some sort of weather-related event (Wind? Lightning? Plague of locusts? Who can say?) caused the loss of our cable connection. It was restored at 11:11pm (spooky!) yesterday. For thirty-two hours, our family was without internet access or television. Years ago, this probably wouldn't have been all that big a deal. But in 2006, it is like having no arms or something. The consequences were catastrophic:

  • I missed England thrashing Jamaica 6-0 in a friendly football match.
  • I missed an episode of Doctor Who (“Bad Wolf”).
  • I couldn't get any email.
  • I missed several NASCAR events, including Cup and Busch qualifying, and the Busch race itself (at Dover, Delaware).
  • I missed the Phillies game. They lost, so that probably wasn't that big a deal.
  • I didn't know what was going on! I didn't even know what the weather was going to be like. Was the Sunday NASCAR race still on?

Okay, “catastrophic” is probably a bit too dramatic as well. It is just that it really brought home how absolutely essential internet access and television have become. Being deprived of these things produces symptoms akin to withdrawal.


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