Trees and cables

Posted Jul 31, 2006 in Events, Family, Miscellaneous.

We got cut off again over the weekend. At the rear of our property, a largish tree decided to end its own life. As it fell, it managed to cut our power, cable, and telephone lines. With an outside temperature of around 97°F (36°C), the lack of air conditioning became almost intolerable. It is at times like this when you realize how wonderful cellular communication is. I called the power company, and they told me that engineers would be over at around 4am.

While the rest of my family dispersed to other dwellings in search of air conditioning, I remained behind to wait for the power company. By 4am it was around 80°F in the house, and getting very humid indeed. A power company inspector finally appeared a little after 8am (this was yesterday morning), and power was restored about four hours later.

Since the power was restored (and made safe), I immediately called Comcast and Verizon to arrange for our cable and telephone services to be restored. Incredibly, Comcast had our services up and running (television and high-speed internet) within three hours - an excellent response time, particularly on a Sunday. Verizon indicated that they might be able to get us sorted out on Tuesday (tomorrow), which is pretty lame by comparison. Fortunately, I would say that the telephone is our least important service.


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    I don't know whats up with the rain and then crazy high heat. Tuesday, Wednesday it's supposed to have a heat index of like 110 and Thursday a heat idnex between 100 and 108.

    Sure we don't need airconditing when it's like 80 degrees out but when it peaks into the hundreds, you realize that air conditioning is not only a favorable item in your household but a needed one.

    Just be sure when you are to drink plenty of fluids as I got dehydrated last year and was rushed into the hospital. Nothing like laying in a hospital bed, having a black nurse calling you sugar and mistakingly and forcefuly putting a needle into your arm for liquids a la the IV.

    It's also funny how with all this technology, the oldest problems known (rain, snow, ect) always seems the cause the problem.

    Posted by James Henry on Jul 31, 2006.

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    We have two additional air conditioners (a window unit and a crappy standalone) to add to the central air the house already has. With everything working together, we have been able to keep the house down to around 75-76°. Being a fat bugger, I'd rather it was cooler than that, but beggars can't be choosers.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jul 31, 2006.

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    Wow, I wonder how high your electric bill is :)

    I can't talk though, I like my room to be in the mid 60's.

    Posted by James Henry on Jul 31, 2006.

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    "Wow, I wonder how high your electric bill is"

    I have found that there are some things in life that you simply cannot go without. Please see my next blog post for a list.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Aug 01, 2006.