Stuff I cannot do without

Posted Aug 01, 2006 in Personal.

This entry is inspired by something my good friend James Henry said in the comments of my previous post. I mentioned that we have masses of air conditioning running (in a battle with 97° heat), and he said:

Wow, I wonder how high your electric bill is :)

I can't talk though, I like my room to be in the mid 60's.

I shall pass over his misuse of the apostrophe to talk about things that I simply cannot do without. I have learned that air conditioning is one of those absolutely must have things. I am sure the list of such things is different for everyone, but here is mine, in no particular order:

  • Air conditioning
  • Soft toilet paper
  • A really comfortable and supportive bed
  • Sheets with a thread count of at least 600 (although I have found 1000+ to be a bit too heavy)
  • A car
  • A computer with internet access
  • Television - preferably with some sort of digital video recorder
  • Heat, light, running water, etc.
  • Music
  • A comfy chair/sofa for watching television
  • A cellular phone

I've bashed this list down in a hurry, and I may edit it if I have forgotten something, but that is essentially it. Please feel free to post your own lists in the comments. I am sure they will make fascinating reading!


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    Fantastic list! Those are definately essential items in any household. However, I would probably trade an Xbox360 for the cell phone. Maybe combine the comphy sheets with the bedding to make room for the family pet on the list.
    A good air conditioner is most likely the number one on eveyone's list this week.

    Posted by Alison Ronco on Aug 01, 2006.

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    - Air conditioning
    - My gaming/working computer
    - A huge bed in which I could lay sideways in if I wanted to.
    - High speed internet
    - PC Games (Guild Wars, Half-Life 2, Oblivion)

    Posted by James Henry on Aug 01, 2006.

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    If you find yourself in a broken-down car in some backwater of Pennsylvania at 3am, you'll find a cell phone more useful than an Xbox 360! As for pets, I'm glad to finally be free of them. Now I can reclaim my family room (which has been called the "dog room" for almost a decade, because nothing else would go in there).

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Aug 01, 2006.

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    I've got a huge bed (King), but then I get to share it with my lovely wife. Actually, having a huge bed is a good thing when it gets too hot as well - you can move around to find cooler bits in the night!

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Aug 01, 2006.

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    On an unrelated note, you might find this a bit interesting.
    During a job interview last week, I was discussing various school related things. I mentioned having you as a PHP instructor. The person interviewing me happens to be a fan of!
    What a small world! (I got the job as of today.)

    Posted by Alison Ronco on Aug 01, 2006.

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    Simon Said, "If you find yourself in a broken-down car in some backwater of Pennsylvania at 3am, you'll find a cell phone more useful than an Xbox 360!"

    I don't know about that one! You should checkout the power supply on it and you will see that it's also a weapon of mass destruction :)

    The new Xbox 360 Power Supply in action

    Posted by James Henry on Aug 01, 2006.

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    "I got the job as of today."

    Congratulations, Alison! I am very happy for you. You must give me some more details about where you are working.

    In a job-related note, bear in mind that I am happy to give professional references if needed. I've had the pleasure of teaching a group of excellent students, and a reference from me (in my capacity as a college instructor OR as the dude behind Keystone Websites) might be useful. Naturally, some students are going to get a better reference from me than others!

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Aug 02, 2006.

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    I see you got your gravatar working, James. You went for the "don't fuck with me" look, huh? "Don't fuck with me or I'll hit you over the head with an Xbox 360 power supply."

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Aug 02, 2006.

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    Yeah I figured I would try this gravatar thing out since it's more practical then most ways :)

    Haha, yeah oddly enough I was actually in a good mood when that picture was taken considering I was camping right outside Washington, D.C.

    In regards to the beating people with the Xbox 360 power supply or aka 'The Brick'... yeah, I have heard horror stories about the thing about how hot it gets and stuff.

    Posted by James Henry on Aug 02, 2006.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one.

    Cascading Style Sheets!

    Since it will be my job, we must strive for web standards because at its current status, it is unacceptable. I suppose you could look at it like the automobile industry. Both have become a part of everyday life and each company has their own products with different features but they all have atleast some of the same features such as a speedometer, seat belts, ect. Web browser are similiar because all (that I know of) all the rendering of images, forward/back (ect) buttons. However, just like cars, each browser has their own features and their own way of doing things.

    Posted by James Henry on Aug 03, 2006.

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    Here's stuff I can't do without: my honey's kisses

    Posted by Deb on Aug 04, 2006.

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    There are many things I’m unable to do without, but here are ten things I can definitely do without.

    1.Smoking cigarettes, gave up 19th May, yippee
    2.The extra 20 pounds I’ve gained since giving up smoking :o(
    3.Hours of sport on the TV, mostly at weekends, ugh
    5.Junk mail
    6.Having to work full-time
    7.Telephone sales calls (especially double glazing)
    8.My other half drinking too much
    9.The huge taxes we pay in England
    10.My sons living so far away. One in the States and one in Hong Kong!!!!

    Posted by Mum on Aug 20, 2006.