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Posted Aug 08, 2006 in Sport.

During Sunday's NASCAR event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, there was much discussion about which auto race (or motor race, as they say in the more civilized parts of the world) could be considered the best in the world. During the event, almost everyone was under the impression that the Indy 500 was the best. I am not so sure.

When you look at motorsport history, there are actually quite a few races that rank highly in terms of prestige, audience, and exciting-to-watch racing. Some of the best events are no longer with us - the Mille Miglia for example. Here is how I would probably rank the greatest motor racing events that still exist today:

  1. Le 24 Heures du Mans
  2. The Indianapolis 500
  3. The Monaco Grand Prix
  4. The Daytona 500

There are many others that didn't quite make it on to my list, like the 12 Hours of Sebring, the 24 Hours of Daytona, the Dakar Rally, the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, the British Grand Prix, the Isle of Man TT, and several more NASCAR and Formula One events. Did I forget anything important? Would your list be different?


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    I'm a huuuuuge rally(e) geek believe it or not. I often try to catch the WRC ( on Speed Vision but I haven't seen it in a long time, sadly. I'm naturally all about the Subaru World Rally Team since I love the Subaru Impreza WRX STi since I love it as much as you love your Aston Martin :)

    So I guess my question would be have you had the privelage to attend a rally event?

    Posted by James Henry on Aug 08, 2006.

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    "So I guess my question would be have you had the privelage to attend a rally event?"

    I've done better than that! As you may recall, I worked in the television industry in a previous life. One of the things we used to do was strap cameras to all sorts of high-speed vehicles such as Formula 1 cars, F16s, and rollercoasters. Back in the late '90s, we attached a camera to a Ford Escort World Rally Car, driven by Robert Reid. He drove me around a Welsh Rally stage in it. Here's a picture of a similar car (this is actually a model):

    Escort WRC

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Aug 09, 2006.

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    Mmmmm Escort Cosworth! Shame my poor Escort LX hardly compares to it, haha!

    "He drove me around a Welsh Rally stage in it."

    Gah, I'm jealous!

    The closest I get is the Colin McRae series or Rallisport Challenge 1 & 2 for the Xbox (which is the only game I drive with a steering wheel, shifter and pedals) and the Colin McRae series on PC! Hell would freeze over before WRC would ever come to America, although I have seen a few races take place in America before.

    Checkout this:

    "That all might be changing this year. Rally racing has been included in the X Games and will be featured on live network TV. For a nation hooked on NASCAR, the racers figure rally racing on dirt roads in the backcountry is similarly appealing."

    "When rally racing is exposed by the X Games, it should really open the sport up,"


    It's interesting to see the X Games exposing rally racing to the mainstream but whatever it takes, it works for me!

    American Rally Racing FTW!

    Posted by James Henry on Aug 09, 2006.

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    Figured I would post a link I managed to find after your post and mine.

    I was shocked when I heard Colin McRae attended the event in california!

    Posted by James Henry on Aug 10, 2006.