Posted Oct 12, 2006 in Gadgets, Miscellaneous, Technology.


My wife's laptop decided to roll onto its back and stick all four legs in the air the other day. A disgraceful lack of foresight on my part meant that she lost all of her data, including a bunch of iTunes-sourced music. Apple does not allow customers to re-download lost music, which is just another reason why I detest that company. A few days later, my wife now has a shiny new Dell Inspiron, and I've told her that she can begin downloading music again.

To make sure this problem doesn't happen again, I have decided to mirror the drives of all the computers in the house on a decent backup device. After looking around for a bit, I settled on the excellent NetCenter from Western Digital.

It's a really nice piece of kit. A sexy-looking box (it matches my Dell computers) housing a 500Gb drive and print server combination that plugs straight into my router. Combined with some appropriate mirroring software, it is an absolute doddle to keep complete-image backups. I feel like I can relax just a little bit.


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    losing data that is.

    i'm semi-obsessed with backups. probably more than overcompensating for the average person's insouciance. having a backup in the home is not enough for me - what if there's a fire? or you're burgled?

    i use mozy ( which is a fantastic bit of free software which provides a few GB of offsite backup space with a nice GUI and a nightly differential backup.

    i also use handy backup ( to a) back up to my work ftp server and b) create backup sets that i store on my 0.5GB card on my mobile phone.

    the one thing i do not have backed up is my music collection as it's >100GB and offsite storage is simply too expensive/impractical. however i figure music is the one thing i have on my pc that i can always download again. my source code, documents, photoshop files, etc, on the other hand, are practically irreplacable.



    Posted by Paul on Oct 12, 2006.

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    There were three semesters in a row where my laptop crashed and it would be a week away from when finals were due and my laptop would crash. Two of the times it was recoverable (well, atleast most of it) the other one, all data was lost. Completing about 4 projects in a week is deffinately not fun so I decided to get a external hard drive to back up data. About two months afterwards, I only used my backup for saving and such. However, now I have important data on my desktop, laptop, web server and external harddrive.

    However, the power supply died in my desktop (where I mainly work) 2 days ago and since Im living on my own, I cant shell out the $100 to purchase a new one so Im using my laptop for now.

    Posted by James Henry on Oct 16, 2006.