Kitchen work

Posted Nov 13, 2006 in Events, Family, Miscellaneous, Personal.

Today is the fifth day of work on our kitchen. As part of a plan to sell in 2008, we have been steadily renovating and improving our house in the hope that it will give us a decent return. It has been a long and tortuous process that began as a result of a plumbing disaster back in early 2004. Our kitchen and family room make up the last major piece in the improvement puzzle, with only cosmetic work to follow.

Cursed with a small and poorly-designed kitchen, we have taken the bold step of combining it with our large family room. After doing a bit of research, we have found that this arrangement is favored by the kind of families who might be in the market for a house like ours. No useful space is lost from the family room, but the kitchen is enlarged and opened out. The result is a spacious cooking area with plenty of places to put stuff.

By far the biggest drawback in doing this is time it takes to do it. In a brilliant stroke, we have undertaken the project during a season that encompasses both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is going to move somewhere else (please don't laugh), and we hope (pretty please) to have the kitchen and family room complete in time for Christmas, albeit in an undecorated state.


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    Are you doing the work yourself or hiring it out?

    We are in the middle of a 3 month kitchen upgrade I am attempting to do almost all by myself.

    Posted by Stephen Collins on Nov 13, 2006.

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    "Are you doing the work yourself?"

    You must be joking! I have zero do-it-yourself skills. I can just about stretch to picking up a paintbrush, but knocking out walls and building kitchen cabinets is completely beyond me. I'm more of a thinker than a doer. Even my multi-talented wife (who I swear can do ANYTHING) would choke at the thought of trying to do it ourselves.

    Of course, getting professionals to come and do it is not without its downside. When all is said and done, the cost is going to be just a teeny bit south of $50K. It might seem like a lot but we are having a considerable amount of work done. All we'll have left to do afterward is paint everywhere and carpet the family room.

    Once those two rooms are done, we are still left with some cosmetic work. For example, we are going to paint our two bathrooms white (including the tiles, and a tub). We also need to paint the exterior of all the windows - that'll need a professional as well, because some of it involves SERIOUS ladder work, due to our house being built on a substantial gradient. Everything should be finished by this time next year.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Nov 13, 2006.