Autumn Christmas

Posted Nov 27, 2006 in Events, Miscellaneous, Personal.

It's bad enough that Christmas presents, themes, television commercials, and special discounts start appearing immediately after Halloween. Now, before November is even done with, there is continuous Christmas music on the radio and decorated homes in the streets (some with tacky blinking lights and giant snow globes).

Where I come from, the Christmas season began on December 1. That was the first day on the traditional “advent calendar” (although advent itself apparently varies in time). It seems unbelievably crass to start Christmas so early. I even told my wife that I would be extremely displeased if the house decorations went up before the beginning of December, despite the “good weather for hanging decorations” that we were having.


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    If by 'where I come from' you mean the UK then I'm afraid you've been away too long.

    It's even worse here as we don't even have Thanksgiving between the end of summer and Christmas.

    In fact, as I snapped on my phone, my local Sainsbury's had the Christmas stuff out on the 16th September...


    The trouble is, after the interminable buildup, there's no way that Christmas isn't a) going to seem too short and b) disappointing.

    Posted by Paul on Nov 27, 2006.

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    Hi Simon,

    Paul is right, on the drive to Hampshire from Surrey yesterday, I saw several homes and other establishments decorated for Christmas. Even Cobham high street is festooned with Christmas lights now, including the little keebab van that's always there in the evenings.

    Did you know that your Granddad always bought his Christmas presents for everyone in the January sales? Perhaps that's why the presents were quite often aimed at children younger than you were when you received them...

    Posted by Mum on Nov 30, 2006.

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    I agree with you totally. Christmas gets earlier each year which is sad because it seems to loose its "special" feeling that makes it different from each year.

    Im sure its just a huge marketing ploy by companies so consumers start shopping for Christmas earlier each year.

    Posted by James Henry on Nov 30, 2006.