Posted Jan 30, 2007 in Technology.

I'm expecting a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista to arrive in the mail soon. I have a dedicated media computer that I use to play music, watch movies, and browse the web. I will be installing the new operating system over the top of the old one (Windows XP Media Center Edition) with my fingers crossed. Everything is backed-up, so I am not too worried; however, I'm concerned about hardware issues cropping up. I'll have to dig out an old keyboard and mouse, just in case I cannot perform the upgrade with my Bluetooth-based devices.

If the upgrade is successful, I'll probably consider doing the same thing for my wife's laptop. The other computers will probably stay as Windows XP for the moment. Are you going to be using Vista?


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    Awesome stuff, Simon. I was planning on getting Vista for my laptop but it really cant support the upgrade. If you want to check your devices and such - check this out. It's a free utility that checks how your computer would run if you upgraded to Vista.

    Posted by James Henry on Jan 30, 2007.

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    Er, I retract my last part of my comment - it does see how well it would run but if it could actually run it.

    Posted by James Henry on Jan 30, 2007.

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    Vista is not going on any of my work or home PCs anytime soon. I briefly wrote about my thoughts on this. Basically comes down to this.

    1) Windows Vista doesn't offer anything that I need and, sincerely, nothing that I want (I know, I should have stopped here, and make it a one point reason).

    2) Not all the devices/parts I have on my home built machine will have Windows Vista drivers, hence they might not work right, or might not work at all.

    3) Even if Vista had something that I needed/wanted, I am not willing to sacrifice my current applications/games performance, by sharing the available resources (video memory, system memory, CPU, etc) with an OS that is, indeed, resource hungry.

    Posted by David Collantes on Feb 05, 2007.