NASCAR for beginners

Posted Feb 07, 2007 in Sport.

The very first race of the NASCAR season is a special event for last-year's winners of pole position. It is called the Budweiser Shootout, and it offers an exciting way to be introduced to stock car racing. The pole winners are also joined by past winners of the race, giving an average of around 15 drivers. At 21, this year's field is particularly large.

Budweiser Shootout logo

The race takes place at the famous Daytona International Speedway and consists of 70 laps divided into two segments. There is a short 20-lap segment, a 10-minute intermission, and then a 50-lap segment during which every car must make at least one stop under green flag conditions. The engines are hampered by the presence of a restrictor plate, which forces the drivers to employ drafting techniques (also known as slipstreaming) to keep their speeds up.

The result is a relatively short race with a pack of cars racing at around 180 miles per hour, jostling for position inches from one another. The race is on Saturday night (02/10), with coverage starting at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time on FOX, and it is broadcast in high definition and surround sound. The time, format, and sheer excitement of this race makes it the perfect introduction to NASCAR.


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    I'm not a NASCAR fan to be honest but this seems interesting enough for me to take a gander at. The night race really got me (I LOVE races at night). I'm just wondering if it's tonight because you didn't list the date.

    Posted by James Henry on Feb 07, 2007.

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    Thank you for pointing out my omission, James. I have updated the entry to include the day/date of the race. It is on Saturday evening, and I can safely say you will not be disappointed.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 07, 2007.

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    As an AVID NASCAR Fan, I have been waiting 93 days for this race !!! I will be strapped into my HANS device in my recliner with snacks and beverages in hand, awaiting those famous words "Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES" !!!

    Posted by Evie on Feb 07, 2007.

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    I'm totally with you. My wife and I have been suffering from severe withdrawal. The pre-season shows on SPEED and ESPN have been far from satisfactory, and I'm looking forward to green green green!

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 07, 2007.

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    May I also suggest that you take a look at during the race. My understanding is that TrackPass & the In Car scanners are free for this race.

    Posted by Jane on Feb 09, 2007.