Topless Britney

Posted Feb 19, 2007 in Media, Miscellaneous.

Mass media is in a Britney Spears feeding frenzy at the moment. You cannot watch more than two minutes of news without hearing about how she cut off all of her hair. Every news reports asks the same question: Why? The answer, my friends, is simple.

Over the online prescription for cialis last two weeks, the media has been almost exclusively devoted to events surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith. By cutting off her hair, buy cialis in uk Spears has swung the media spotlight back in her direction. All celebrities do this. If they become momentarily unpopular, they do something really stupid to make sure they get all the attention again.

So this Tale of Four Titties is just another case of one skank trying to regain “exposure” lost by the death of another.


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    I don't agree.

    I think it is strattera low cost just that she is going a little nuts due to viagra without prescription uk the strange world in which she lives.... like Michael Jackson and cialis 40 mg George W Bush.

    Posted by Tim on Mar 06, 2007.