Dell to offer desktops and laptops with Linux

Posted Mar 29, 2007 in Technology.

I have several Dell computers, and I have always been happy with them. All of them have come pre-installed by a variant of Microsoft's Windows operating system, partly because that was all that was available. Now Dell are set to begin offering desktops and laptops with Linux too. Linux has evolved into a credible mainstream alternative to Windows, and it is conceivable that my next PC purchase will be a Linux-based machine.

I have no experience with Linux at all. It has been the operating system of choice for power users and web servers for many years, but it appears that driver and application support is now at a level that makes Linux accessible to home users as well. Recent security scares involving Windows add to the attraction of Linux, just like Mozilla's Firefox is now preferred by many over Internet Explorer.

I have an older, slower computer knocking around that isn't doing anything. It is currently running Windows 98, but I might use it as a testing machine for playing with Ubuntu.


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    Hey Simon,

    That sounds great, and just as Mac users are saying how much they love Vista. Is there any info about the availability of drivers for devices? I would say that's the only thing to watch out for.

    Love to the family

    Posted by Sam on Mar 29, 2007.

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    Thats really nice to hear as Linux is a must if you are a power user so its a good move by the Dell .

    Posted by Nikhil Bansal on Apr 21, 2007.