London logo lunacy

Posted Jun 04, 2007 in Design, England, Events, Sport.

The new emblem for the 2012 Olympics has been unveiled:

London 2012 Olympic logo

Apparently, the logo “evolves” in the years between now and 2012, and is available in a variety of colors. In my opinion, it needs to evolve because right now it looks absolutely crap. What were they thinking? Is it supposed to remind everyone what a jumbled mess London is?


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    I have to agree with you Simon. It looks like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from different puzzles.

    I do not like it at all, but the evolving thing will be interesting to see. Hopefully it turns out better than it looks now.

    Posted by James Henry on Jun 05, 2007.

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    You will find this oddly amusing (and alarming).

    Posted by James Henry on Jun 06, 2007.

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    Seriously though, what the HELL were they thinking when the ok'd to pay 800K (in USD) for that thing.

    Just looking at it makes me want to puch myself in the face.

    Posted by James Henry on Jun 07, 2007.

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    "it needs to evolve because right now it looks absolutely crap" I must agree with You it looks like ... i don't know who made it but I think he never used photoshop before:)

    Posted by Tomek on Jun 10, 2007.

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    Hi Simon,
    The logo was much worse and caused a number of people to have an epileptic fit within the first few hours of being released for public viewing because of its flashing. Even in the amended state it looks like a total mess and does reflect the mish mash of embarrassing problems that have arisen since we won the bid. What a shameful gross waste of money…

    Posted by Mum on Jun 10, 2007.

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    It wasn't the logo as such that caused fits and migraines, it was the video to promote the launch of the logo. Software is available to test video for photo-sensitivity problems... I think they're still trying to get a scapegoat to step forward for that one.

    Personally I thought the logo itself was just staggeringly dull (even a couple of minutes later when I realised the 'splodges' were actually the numbers 2012!). But then the 'Lisa Simpson' character on the right was pointed out to me, and how rather rude the whole scene appeared :-O

    Crazy thing is, can you imagine a truly great logo getting any publicity? The world is in no doubt now that the games are being held in London..!

    Posted by Lottery Guy on Jun 20, 2007.

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    The logo is crap!! I bet everyone is pointing the finger at the designers but wouldn't it be interesting to see the design brief given to them? The final outcome of any design is governed by the limitations and requirements set by the client.

    Posted by van girl on Jul 11, 2007.

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    Copyright time, i made something exactly like that when i was seven.

    Seriously though, please tell me this is a hoax. Browse Google Images for "Olymipc Logos" and see how this stacks up...

    Posted by SEO Carly on Jul 26, 2007.