Catholic or bust

Posted Jul 10, 2007 in Religion.

Apparently, the Pope says that denominations other than Catholic are not true churches, and Orthodox churches are defective. He claims that Jesus established “only one church” in a Vatican document released today.

It makes me laugh when religions squabble over which load of old cobblers they think is more true. I mean, who the fuck really cares?


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    Isnt it obvious Simon? We ALL know that Catholic churches are the true religion.

    Ive been in a few Catholic churches in my hay day of Christianity and what do you see? Statues of Jesus.

    Thou shall not make any graven images?

    Posted by James Henry on Jul 11, 2007.

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    It's a bit like that statement:

    "The only difference between an Athiest and a Catholic is the Athiest believes in one less god then the Catholic"

    Posted by SEO Carly on Jul 26, 2007.