Free the 8

Posted Jul 31, 2007 in Sport.

Now that Dale Earnhardt Incorporated has merged with Bobby Ginn's team, the company has a good enough reason to release the number 8. NASCAR rules forbid owners from running more than 4 teams. With the availability of the number 14, DEI can have the 01, 1, 14 and 15 - a nice alignment of numbers.

One reason to keep the 8 would be for owner points. Due to a quirky arrangement whereby the 15 is actually the 14, DEI has four cars in the top 35 of owner points, guaranteeing spots in races. Freeing the 8 would reduce that number to three.

But freeing the 8 is the right thing to do. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has raced with that number for his entire Winston/NEXTEL Cup career. Since NASCAR hit the big time, the 8 has been Dale's number. It makes sense for NASCAR to broker a deal between Theresa Earnhardt and Rick Hendrick to let Junior keep his number.


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    In the end, I think a deal will be worked out to allow the 8 to go with Dale Jr. It makes sense and the decision makers at NASCAR know that.

    Posted by Mike on Jul 31, 2007.