Rocky road

Posted Sep 18, 2007 in Miscellaneous.

No, this is not about the well-known ice cream, I'm afraid. Just a little rant. The period from June to October is punctuated by potholes, it seems. This year seems to be particularly bad in my neck of the woods, with a serious amount of road work going on. A tiny amount of the work is road resurfacing, but most of it seems to consist of digging great big holes and crevasses for my poor little car to fall down in. In my immediate area, they are doing extensive work on storm drains and water mains. Most of the roads in the town have been destroyed, with temporary patches that function more like ditches. Many roads are closed, with ludicrously-designed detours taking giant trucks into quiet residential areas.


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    I am going through a similar situation, so I can feel your pain. digging work in my town too.. really annoying:( even, can't go to my favorite restaurant cos of digging work in front of it.

    Posted by Rex on Sep 18, 2007.

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    Well look at it this way - you now have an excuse to practice your autocross skills!

    Posted by James Henry on Sep 18, 2007.

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    Gosh, seems like September month is full of construction and repair~ We've shifted from the old university campus to a new one where our hostels are under construction and so is the campus building, the water tank, the car park, the Faculty Guest house, and a hell lot more in this mega project thingy, and the worst of all we've been moved into the under construction hostel where the top portions are being made. Damn, i need no alarm clock to wake me up, the drill machines and sawing of the carpenters and giggles of masons and other workers wake me up right on time for the classes~

    Posted by Shaal on Sep 20, 2007.