Broken iPhones

Posted Sep 28, 2007 in Gadgets, Technology.

I have been warning people for years that Apple doesn't play fair. But still, millions of gullible fools have rushed out to buy an iPhone. After spending way over the odds for their new toys, customers were soon to discover that Apple would slash $200 off the price after only a few months. Then some clever iPhone users discovered ways to “unlock” their phones so that they didn't have to be tied into an expensive, long-term contract with AT&T, only to discover that an update renders the unlocked phones useless.

You would think that the Apple fans would have figured all this out by now, especially after issues with iTunes DRM whereby already-paid-for music had additional restrictions applied after purchase. When are they going to get it into their stupid heads that Apple will do anything they can to fleece their customers?


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    Over at Slashdot ( it’s amusing to see people calling out how bad it is and all the Apple fan boys standing up for Apple. Apple is a business. Simple solution to the problem is NOT TO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE. I could never shell out $600 for a phone – unless it was some form of an HTC Wizard (I have a stupid LG Chocolate phone now.) Apples goal is to make money. Apple knew that it was losing money on "hacked" iPhones and intentionally or not, had to do something about it. After all, Apple gets money from AT&T for each iPhone user when they sign up for a contract. Before the update was released, Apple said the update will "likely" break hacked iPhones. Can you really blame Apple for covertly target hacked iPhones? I can’t since they are a business and they do it well. Microsoft needs to take a few pointers from Apple about PR because it’s amazing how many times a company can “screw” over customer and have them crawl back.

    Well, screw was the wrong word… but its amazing how many times Apple can mess up and their loyal fan base shrug it off as if nothing happened.

    Posted by James Henry on Sep 29, 2007.

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    Interesting trend I've noticed... in the instances where phones were unlocked and a SIM card from a different carrier was used yields are higher ratio of phones that were broke just because they were hacked (they still used the AT&T SIM card.)

    You have to pay to play.

    Posted by James Henry on Oct 01, 2007.

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    Yeh I saw it coming. Apple won't let you get away with it. It's like using a pirated Windows where you get the software but you don't get any updates. Here we pay for the phone but thats all wasted. sick!

    Posted by Zeb on Oct 01, 2007.

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    People just love Apple, the company you know.

    And how Brand Bitch are we people? Its unmeasurable... if this was what apple has done so far what's the point in launching it for such a high price? Though am more than happy i'll have to pay $200 for the phone now when it comes in December but what the....? What about those Apple Lovers who waited in big queues outside the stores where it was being launched, what about the high price they paid?

    Posted by Shaal on Oct 09, 2007.