Christmas and violence

Posted Dec 30, 2008 in Events, Family, Personal, Politics, Religion, Sport.

For the first time in ages, we had a fake Christmas tree. We bought a pretty, pre-lit tree from a garden center in New Jersey that always has lots of Christmassy stuff to look at. At 7½ feet, it fits perfectly in our little apartment. It is the kind that has little pine cones, berries and subtle “frosting” to give it that slightly-snowed-on look. Very nice.

Christmas has been a little overshadowed by world events this year. Iraq and Afghanistan conflict continues, and this has spilled over into bombings in Mumbai and violence in Gaza. As usual, all the wars are related to religious intolerance centered around the Middle East. Meanwhile thousands of people are dying of cholera as mad Mugabe clings to power in Zimbabwe, which has become a serious candidate for an enforced regime change.

On the plus side, following a series of fortunate results the Philadelphia Eagles managed to make the NFL Playoffs by thrashing the hated Dallas Cowboys. I feel sorry for the Detroit Lions, though - they set a new standard of defeat by losing all 16 of their games.


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    Nice article Simon. Have a look at Paul Nixon's blog. Some very funny snippets including a quote from House.

    Posted by Tim on Jan 12, 2009.

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    I read of Paul's posts - I'm subscribed to his feed, so each new post pops up automatically.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jan 12, 2009.