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Thursday, October 3rd, 2002

College orientation

I've been up to Allentown today, to attend orientation for college, which I start on Monday. I met fellow students, talked to staff and faculty and had a good look around. The web administration course I am doing covers a broad range of subjects and this really struck home when I went to collect my books for the first quarter. It was a big stack. Not having attended any educational facility since I left school in the '80s, I was a little unprepared for what I was going to get. We never had to worry about such things when I was at school, but I should have looked at the packs my stepchildren carry for inspiration.

I don't mind admitting that I am very excited about starting. I cannot wait to get into the thick of it and make my mark there. I met many students, but few doing the web administration course, so it seems I will have to start building relationships when I start on Monday.

I'm likely to get a great deal of homework, so don't be surprised if this web log gets updated a little less frequently. When it does, it will inevitably be colored by what I am learning in college. I hope I don't bore anyone.

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