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the web log of Simon Jessey

Thursday, January 23rd, 2003

Get rid of XLink?

Tantek Çelik summarizes a W3C meeting on linking as follows:-

XLink is broken. At a minimum it fails to encourage proper separation of semantics/markup and presentation/styling, in fact it encourages quite the opposite - in many ways this is as bad as reintroducing a <font> tag. This is perhaps sufficient to say that XLink is in fact, bad for the Web, since the conflation of semantics/markup and presentation/style is known to hurt accessibility, device independence, media independence, content portability, etc.

Basically, it seems that XLink is crap. Tantek then goes on to ask where the W3C should go with XLink now. My personal feeling is that XLink should be scrapped immediately and the project should start again from scratch. Although this will be depressing and (perhaps) embarrassing for the Working Group, it is better than flogging a dead horse.

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