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the web log of Simon Jessey

More redesign news

Users may well have noticed that some pages of my site are now in the new design. Over the next few weeks I will gradually be working through all the static pages and making the adjustments to the markup that are necessary. Although the code hasn't changed much, there is no other way to do it. First up were the visa pages. With the possible exception of my XHTML 1.0 tutorial, the visa pages get the most page views of this site, although the si-blog is coming up fast from behind.

Surprisingly, there has been no response to my request for feedback about how this blog should be structured, especially since it seems to be quite high on the 'topic of discussion' list in blogland. I'd be delighted to receive any comments, even if they seem silly. I still consider myself to be a markup newbie so the non-technical ideas are just as important as the technical suggestions.

While on the subject of feedback (the shortest word in the English language to feature A, B, C, D, E and F, by the way) I was hoping to benefit from the knowledge of regulars on the css-discuss mailing list, when I asked about media types and their support by various user agents. Thus far there have been no responses. I shall therefore reproduce my question here in the hope that someone reading this will respond:

I would like to provide alternate stylesheets for user agents other than browsers, but I don't know what kind of support there is out there for the media attribute. Clearly there is support for media="screen" and media="print", but what about the others? Do handheld devices typically support media="handheld", or are they looking for "screen" as well? And do applications like WebTV (or MSN TV as it is now called) look for media="tv", or do they rely on the media value of "screen" also?

What scrares the crap out of me is the thought of reworking all these blog entries to accomodate the new design. I might just leave them as they are, which is the way most people do it, but since they use sever-side includes just about everywhere it would mean leaving many legacy files on my server. I guess it is a question of time.

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