An island of skepticism in an ocean of believers

This (forthcoming) piece will be about my naturalistic worldview, with a focus on my skepticism for the supernatural or mystical.



From Middle English, from Old English god (meaning supreme being, deity), from Old High German got (a rank of deity), from the Proto-Germanic ǥuđa-|ǥuđan, from the Proto-Indo-European participle *ǵhuto- (meaning that which is invoked), from the PIE root *ǵhau- (meaning to call, to invoke) or ǵheu- (to pour).


gŏd, /ɡɒd/, /gQd/


god plural gods

  1. Mythical entity (God) or entities (gods) conceived by deluded humans seeking an explanation for things not understood and believed by the deceived and/or ill-educated.
  2. A person in high position of authority or admiration; an expert or celebrity.
  3. The ultimate objective observer.