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Hi! My name is Jonathan Doe and I'm a "newbie" web developer. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself,so I am going to break down my life into five sections for you to look at if you would like.

  1. My Early Life
  2. Teenage Years
  3. Getting My First Job
  4. Family Life
  5. My Hobbies

My Early Life

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1960. When I was four years old, we moved into an old house that was a bit run-down. My father purchased it as a "project", hoping to fix it up and sell it for a lot more money. He did exactly that, but not before I was quite a bit older. I can remember much about the old house. It was huge, with three floors and eight bedrooms. Four of the bedrooms had their own bathrooms and my room was one of the biggest. I was lucky enough to have my own, king-size bed to sleep in - a luxury I have not always had in my life.

These were the things I liked doing when I was a kid:

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Teenage Years

I had a rough time at school during my teenage years. I've got a problem with one of my eyes that means it is slightly discolored, and the other kids at school used to call me awful names. It made it quite difficult to concentrate on my school work.

I was quite good at English and Math, but I was lousy at Science and Geography. My teacher used to say it didn't matter how good at Math I was if I couldn't navigate my way to class.

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Getting My First Job

My father had a local business making parts for vending machines, and he offered me a job in his assembly line. It would have meant getting some training in engineering, which would have been great, but I just didn't fancy working the line, so I declined his offer.

Instead, I went on a course to learn videotape editing. The course was five weeks long and at the end of it I had obtained a good qualification in the field.

For six months, I applied for numerous jobs in the local area, as well as posting my résumé on various internet jobseeker sites. Eventually, a small production company nearby called me in and gave me the job as their junior editor.

I stayed there for three years, working my way into the senior position, before leaving for Pennsylvania!

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Family Life

I've always been a fan of the internet and quite by chance, I met a woman online. She was attractive and intelligent and I found it a pleasure to talk to her. We arranged to meet and hit it off immediately.

Moving South!

A few years later, we got married and I moved to Pennsylvania. She already had a couple of kids from a previous marriage so I found myself in the thick of family life. My wife lived in a nice house near Philadelphia. One of the first things I did after moving there was to get myself one of Philly's famous Cheese Steaks.

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My Hobbies

I am a big fan of Star Trek™ as well as a keen internet user. I've started building my own website, including a Trek "fan" page! If you are interested in Star Trek, pay a visit to the Official Star Trek Website to find out about the latest "goings-on" in the Trek universe.

I am now learning how to use Cascading Style Sheets. You can take ordinary-looking web pages like this one, and turn them into pages that have exciting styles and colors, without resorting to "deprecated" elements.

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