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The procedure one must go through to become a naturalized US citizen is quite complicated. Certain aspects change and one must therefore continuously check to make sure that one is following the most up-to-date process.

Basically, the procedure is as follows:-

  1. US citizen files a petition with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS.
  2. INS considers petition. If they approve, the US citizen is notified and the Embassy or Consulate of the alien fiancé(e) is notified.
  3. Embassy or Consulate of the alien fiancé(e) receives forms and instructions, known as "packet 3".
  4. Alien fiancé(e) sends in requested forms and prepares documentation for an interview.
  5. Embassy or Consulate sends alien fiancé(e) further instructions and issues an interview date.
  6. Alien fiancé(e) undergoes medical and then the interview. If successful, a visa will be awarded on that day and the alien fiancé(e) must use it within 6 months.
  7. Upon arrival, the US citizen and the alien fiancé(e) must marry within 90 days.
  8. After the marriage, one is required to apply for an Adjustment Of Status from nonimmigrant to conditional resident with the local INS office.
  9. Conditional residence is granted for a two-year period. One must then file a petition to have conditional status removed.
  10. Later, one can apply to be fully naturalized (US Citizenship).

Detailed Instructions

The K1 Visa procedure changes regularly, as does the procedure for Adjusting Status, so it is essential that one uses the most up-to-date resources when seeking instructions. US Embassy websites (consular sections) are the best places to go for this information. The US Embassy in London has a dedicated visa section. The K1 Visa details are outlined here:-

Another important resource is the Immigration and Naturalization Service at the Department Of Justice. Their website can be found here:-

Getting Help

The online community has a number of useful resources where one kind find information and assistance for all areas of the visa process.

Official Sources
Unofficial Sources


Not ALL forms are available for downloading, but those that can be are included here. Please note that form names and types change from time to time. Please email Simon if you find a link out of date or incorrect:-

Almost all of these forms are in Adobe Acrobat, PDF, format. Please click the appropriate link in the menu to download the free Acrobat Reader software. Version 5 or better will allow you to use the fillable forms.