Simon Jessey

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Simon Jessey is a website designer living in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. He was born in England, sometime in the last millennium, where he continued to reside until the extraordinary appeal of a beautiful woman from North Carolina enticed him across the Atlantic.

After wasting much of his early life in the primitive British education system, Simon began a career in the television and video industry. Working in London, he rapidly developed into a respected, efficient videotape editor. His attention to detail and bubbling enthusiasm were echoed in every production, from simple training videos to elaborate dramas.

Behind the scenes, Simon was nourishing his penchant for computers and the Internet, while surviving on a diet of Pink Floyd and Star Trek.

An Internet romance lead to a solid relationship that drew him westward. After getting married and settling in the USA, Simon began to devote more of his time to his passion for the web. Gentle prodding by his wife set him on a path that would lead to his enrollment in Allentown Business School (now Lehigh Valley College). After graduating in March 2004, with a 3.99 GPA and Alpha Beta Kappa honors, Keystone Websites became the focus of his attention. The company is quickly establishing a reputation for creating accessible, elegant websites for small businesses and organizations.

Simon has been studying HTML and its presentational sibling CSS since arriving in America. Every website he works on is carefully constructed to adhere to web standards promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium, and guidelines for accessibility. He talks passionately (and often) about web standards - the separation of structure and content from layout and presentation in particular.

He maintains a personal website that features one of those trendy weblog thingies, and he is utterly devoted to his beloved wife.

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