From time to time, I am moved to write an article about some aspect of web design. Below is a list of such articles, with the most recent at the top. In most of the articles, the style rules are embedded into the head of each document so that the user can view the source code without referring to another linked file.

Using correct DOCTYPES
Get compliant browsers to correctly render your web documents by using the correct document type declaration.
Character Entity References
This is not really an article, but a reference of character entities. Both the named and the numbered references are given in a convenient table form.
Fixed Sidebars
In this article, I discuss a workaround for Internet Explorer 6.0 that allows it to mimic the style rule of position: fixed to create a pinned menu.
CSS Colors
There are 216 colors in the so-called browser-safe palette. Here, I list all these colors and also talk about the color keywords listed in the CSS specification.
Fun With Fonts [2]
This is the second of two articles that discusses how to manipulate fonts with CSS.
Fun With Fonts
The first of two articles that talks about how CSS can be used to manipulate fonts. This particular article focuses on how you can use positioning rules to move text around.
It's All About Boxes
In this article, I discuss the CSS box model. An understanding of the box model is vital if you want to get the most out of Cascading Style Sheets.
Bad Browsers Piss Me Off
This is a rant about how much I dislike old browsers. Please be aware that there is a little bit of course language in this article, because I wrote it in a bad mood.
Background Test
This is my first article. Using CSS, it is possible to create really fancy effects with fixed backgrounds. At the time of writing, the style rules used in this article would only work with Gecko-based browsers, such as Mozilla and Netscape 6.2.
Learning XHTML
A long time ago, I created a basic XHTML tutorial.